Sunday, August 23, 2009

coos to crisis in 4 seconds or less

We purchased this neat baby Einstein gym for David on Craig's list. He loves to sit under there and play with the toys that hang down. The gym features a singing sun that flashes with the music. David likes this part immensely for about 4 seconds--then his joy becomes too full and he demands to be removed.

Approx 4 second later:

He is also starting to look more like a boy than a blob and has a few characteristic looks that he gives us. This one is "mildly impressed"

I am pretty sure he is asking, "okay, what tricks are you going to perform for me next?"

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Small Green Apartment

This week officially starts our Med School adventure. Stephen's "white coat" ceremony was last Sunday and he attended his first class Monday. He is starting with anatomy and has found that quote: "bodies are complicated". We will see if he ever comes home from school. The white coat ceremony took place in a neat Cathedral on campus. We were happy that Marci could fly up and stay with us for that weekend.

Meanwhile, hey look--I am two months old!

We have been really happy with our apartment. It is located pretty close to the school and near a couple of cool parks. It is also two different shades of green. The apartment is pretty cozy and we have liked everything about it except the dead mouse behind the fridge.

Monday, August 3, 2009


This last week has been really fun--David has started to look at us and objects dangled in front of him. It is a great achievement to progress from a small blob to a small staring blob. He nows spends his days checkin' stuff out.

(note: our child is not bleeding--it is tie dye.)

We blessed David in Arizona just two days before we moved. It was great to have family at the meeting with us.

He was looking pretty good in a tie and a onesie.