Friday, September 27, 2013


Fridays are our new fun days, Davy and I are both done with preschool stuff and we can just hang out together.  We have done some fun things recently.  Last week my friend Michelle called and said it was "National Pirate Day" and we could get free Krispee Cremes if we dressed up.  15 minutes later we were pirated up and off to the store. Davy's zorro costume came in super handy.  Thanks mom.

We have also been to Grant's Farm a few times.  It is right down the block from us.  It is home to Ulysses S. Grant's little log cabin, but in actuality it is all about Budweiser Beer.  You start the tour by hopping on a tram and seeing a bizarre mix of animals ranging from long horn steer to chinese deer.  Then you can feed the aggressive goats, ride a carousel, and look at a slew of different animals.  After that you are welcome to a complimentary beer while you look at the Budweiser horses.  It is a strange, but well maintained and free place.  Davy has been talking about riding a camel every time we come.  When we near the camel line he always says, "maybe not, maybe not" and we turn around.  Today on the way he said, "I won't be afraid of those camels today.  I think I will really ride one!"  He waited by himself in line and hopped right on.  He was super proud.

And a video of Davy and the goats.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

3 posts in one and the start of school

Summer was wearing a little long in our house, and this seemed to be a typical day for us.  No pants, big mess, jumping all over the house. We all started school and it is so nice to have structure in our home again.  
Davy has been so excited to start preschool.  He is going to a nearby church twice a week.  His teacher's name is Mrs. Blessing.  When I asked him if he thought his teacher would be nice he said, "of course, she has a nice name!" He loves it.

Mom made me this beehive poster when she came to visit.  Dad made me a pvc pipe flower holder.  They need to come visit again soon.
I made bees for each of the kids to fly to their beehives to start preschool.  Here are my little bees.
My little busy bees.   They are all pretty young, but so far it is working out.

Davy loves to take pictures.  I usually have to delete 200 photos every time I sync the camera, most of them are like this:

Sometimes he gets he takes nice ones...
And sometimes not so nice ones...
Stephen's schedule just changed and he has more time again.  Instead of getting home at 10:00-11:00 he is now occasionally seeing the boys.  We have even had a few weekend adventures.  Yay for autopsies!  The only downside to autopsy rotation are the blood splattered notes he brings home. (He tells me, "oh, don't worry they are in plastic"), and the "tell me how your day was" conversation is a lot more gruesome than usual.

We went to the nature preserve together, Davy loves to watch the deer and birds out the window, we even spotted a woodpecker.
 Danny communes with the fish.

 My other favorite outing was to Arizona World!  A mini-golf land dedicated to Arizona.  It is probably the least politically correct place I have ever been. Davy took the pictures.
My favorite hole was the giant red indian.  The hole is his nose.  However, it was cheap mini-golf so we might be back.  And the 30 foot rattlesnakes were pretty cool.