Thursday, March 29, 2012

Arizona and Sewing Marathon

It was so fun to see so much of our family in Arizona!  Davy has asked to go to Cactus park every day since we have been back.  While we were there he found out that Papa is a toy fixer, and has thought of a few more projects for him.  My favorite is adding wings to his doggy to make him fly.  

Davy and I had fun visiting, but we missed Stephen! 
I had the week off from nannying so I took another week of vacation and got a little obsessed with sewing projects. I finally finished my cursed quilt,  I finished the top six months ago, but Davy found it and "helped" with some scissors.  I got the bug to fix it and did a lot of seam ripping, had two tantrums, and finished it up.
 I made the achievement day girls some bags for their scriptures, manual, and journal. It folds up into a purse. After three tries trying to make lined squares from fabric I gave up and bought some dinner napkins at target.  It turned out they were just the right size!

We decided to get Davy a twin bed so little brother can use the crib.  To get him interested I took him to pick out sheets. I was prepared to get cheesy toy story sheets, but he chose space sheets that are actually cute!  I decided to make a quilt to match. I used the top sheet for the back of the quilt and made up the top.  I haven't worked without a pattern before and I now realize that quilting takes a lot of math--even if it is just stripes! I finished it just in time for him to use it on his first night in the bed.  Unfortunately, this has turned into an "If you give a mouse a cookie" situation and I now want artwork and accessories to match.  However, with the bed and the crib in the same room there is not a lot of space to go crazy, so that will help curb my shopping.