Monday, November 21, 2011

Joy School

Kids enjoying "rest time"

I have been doing a little Joy School co-op with some friends this year.  It is great because every Wednesday I get two hours off.  Usually I tell myself I will clean the whole house while they are gone, but I always end up playing Zelda. This week it was at our house and we had a fun Thanksgiving lesson.  They made hats and "indian jewelry", and heard a few pilgrim-related stories. Davy wore a shirt for school, but took it off once the door closed as our last friend left.

Davy and Audrey have been super funny together.  They just love to argue and have pretty funny conversations.  For instance

A: Davy, you are a baby
D: No, I'm a big boy.
A: No, you are a baby and you like baby food.
D: No, I'm a BIG boy!
A: You are a BABY
(a small amount of violence ensued)

D: I like kitty-cats.
A: No, I like kitty-cats.
D: I like kitty-cats best.
A: No Davy, I like kitty-cats, you don't like kitty-cats.
D: I like kitty-cats.
A: No.  AAHHHH! 

Davy is pretty smart about arguing with Audrey.  He knows that if he just sticks to his line, Audrey usually gets worked up pretty quickly.  So he uses a nice, quiet voice and repeats his point until she explodes.  It makes for a great car ride.  

Cute but completely unrelated picture