Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oh Hey!

Let's pretend it hasn't been two years since I posted.  Recently we have done lots of fun summery things.  We are all so glad school is over and we can have lazy reading mornings and Zelda playing afternoons.

We just had just had Davy's birthday.  I took the boys and their best buddies to six flags.  We had a really great time.  It is so fun that they are old enough to ride lots of the rides and look forward to going.  

We had a family birthday party for Davy.  I created codes and ciphers that he had to figure out in order to unlock each present.  He did a great job and loved it.  He got awesome laser guns, a spy watch, and binoculars for his birthday so he is preparing for a very shady future.

The boys had a lemonade stand.  They waved enthusiastically at every car that passed and made an absolute killing.  Davy was like, "Mom, at first I was nervous to talk to all those strangers but they were practically throwing money at me so it was not scary at all!"  He wanted to go out and sell everyday but understood that the neighbors might not be so enthusiastic two days in a row.  He is biding his time till next summer.  

 Danny and Baby Glori are getting along better and better.  She is able to play along with his games and loves to be one of the big kids.  Everyone is in a really good stage, which will probably not last very long, but it is nice to enjoy for the moment.

Stephen's fellowship year is finally over.  He worked 12-15 hours days for almost the whole year.  We are so glad it is over.  Next year the schedule should be a lot better, and the big excitement is the job search.  We have no idea where we will be next year, but hopefully we will figure it all out by christmas!