Thursday, October 14, 2010

Zoo and Art Day

We have had a fun month of outings, the weather is perfect and David has been pretty cooperative. We went to the zoo and for the first time he acknowledged that the animals were there and slightly impressive.
I also spent a morning preparing an "art day" for Daivd. I got paints and posterboard set up, the cd player set up outside, and Davy dressed in old clothes. Perfect-the budding Picasso sat down and painted...for 15 seconds which was long enough for me to snap the picture. Apparently squirrels beat painting in entertainment value.

Also thanks Marci for sending us an air filter. Davy thought a box full of packing peanuts beats painting and squirrels. He insisted I drop a cupful of them slowly onto his face--we did this for 30 minutes.
One final shot of a staticy boy who takes his sliding seriously.