Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black eyes and Messes

At least once a week I am asked if I am old enough to have a baby, or if David is really my child.  Usually this is merely irritating but, this week David fell against a couch and got a blackeye.  As we strolled through the grocery store I felt the leers of other shoppers as they thought, "hmph-underage and abusive".

It is finally getting warmer here (yay for mid 40's!) but for a while we had to get pretty bundled up for our walks. 

David's activity level has gone way up.  He is now into everything and wants to do whatever I am doing.   I am no longer allowed to talk on the phone or work in the kitchen without his "assistance".  The bottom two pantry shelves are now his.

My favorite moment this week was when the cashier gave him a balloon at Trader Joe's.  He stared at it the whole way home.  However, when he discovered it was impossible to keep a balloon within his grasp he became very agitated.  Every time the balloon floated back up to the ceiling his face crumpled and his hand shot up in frustration.  Eventually the balloon had to be taken away so he could calm down. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

8 months old!

David has a deep fear of and facination with the vaccuum.  I am not allowed to use it unless I am holding him on my hip.  When he is safely perched in the crook of my arm he likes to watch it roar back and forth and has a limitless attention span for that activity.  However, his fascinated stare makes him go curiously limp so that he loses all power to hold on to me.  This means that vaccuuming is also a weight lifting activity as I hold the "no bones" boy in one arm and roll the vaccuum with the other.  My favorite part is that when the vaccuum is turned off (even temporarily), he is perfectly able to hold on and his balance is restored.

Good news is that he now tolerates the carrier--however, I am too short to use it.  Davy's head ends up hitting my nose so only Stephen can wear it.
He has a new carpenter's bench that he loves to play with...however some of the fun phrases are a little peculiar, "I see a circle, a circle red and round,  I'm going to POUND IT DOWN!" Yikes!

What should you do if your baby is cold and you are too lazy to change his clothes?


Indoctrinating him young...