Monday, January 21, 2013

Busy, Busy

Match day is only 6 weeks away.  We have tried very hard to be patient, but last week we broke down and packed twenty boxes of books and pictures.  We cannot wait to see where we go and have talked everyone to death about our tentative plans.  And back up plans.  And worst case scenario: which Stephen describes as suddenly going blind--which will force us to live on the the streets eating possums and foraging for cans.  We have actually discussed that multiple times. 

We had a quiet Christmas at home. 
What is going on?
A crane for Davy
A portrait of Davy and his friend, the orange.
A digger from Marci-which was immediately tested in the snow.  

Davy also just started Primary.  He says his favorite parts are playing the big kid games and sitting next to his buddy Benjamin.  Benjamin has reached the pinnacle of coolness by being four.  Davy told me the other day "I think Benjamin is so smart because he is four-but he doesn't brag or anything.  I hope I will be four and then I will be bigger than you mommy."