Saturday, March 19, 2011

st. patty's and sewing

Apparently, St. Patrick's Day is a really big deal here.  They had like three parades and everyone on our block got drunk.  We abstained from the drinking but did go to a parade.  Davy had a good time watching the fire trucks go by and learned to put his hands in the air so the people in the parade would throw him beads.  Several times since I have yelled beads at him and he puts his hands up.  

We had a nice day at the botanical gardens this week.  We spent a lot of time chasing birds and checking out every light post in the place.  He saw these sheep again for the first time in six months yelled, "Sheep!" and gave each one a kiss on the nose.  

At home he spends a lot of time playing with the farm set on his car blanket.  

He also takes my Dr. Pepper out of the box and puts it into the fridge for me.  He watches everything Stephen and I do, so we have to be really careful.  He knows where we stash the cookies, where we hide his milk while setting it out for bedtime, and if one of us is missing, he knows we are probably in the office checking the computer.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hand-me Down Suit

This little suit is 24 years old.  Marci was smart enough to save it from Stephen's childhood.  It has been so fun to see Davy running around in it.

Davy is picking up words every day now.  Despite heavy coaching he will not say hello or good bye, but these are the words he will say:  "No mama" buzz (lightyear), cookie, costco, avocado, apple, fish, who! (says the owl), choo! (says the train), clock, and "go, go, go".  

We got him a little train set and he spends most of his play time carefully driving his trains around the track.  He gets very worried if the trains derail and pushes them at a cautious snail's pace.  We are finally venturing out after the long, horrible winter.  Davy was delighted to see this frog and I suggested he give it a hug.

He continues to spend an hour or so every day in the kitchen with me.  He holds the pan when I sweep and can successfully throw away the crumbs, he empties the washed silverware into the drawer (in a heap), and does the dishes.  To counter his good deeds he also throws himself on the floor at the slightest no and likes to motion me to stay where I am while he runs off to do something naughty.