Sunday, April 3, 2011


St. Louis is pretty crazy.  This was monday....

And Today...

We had a great general conference weekend.  Stephen and I  Davy played with blocks and had a good time building forts  (while reverently listening.)  We went to the park three times today: before, between, and after conference.  It was so nice to soak up some sun.  David is super funny these days.  He sat in these flowers and had them kiss him on the cheek.

He also watched conference next to this baby doll.  We bought it for the little girl we sometimes watch and Davy loves it.  He wrapped it in the blanket and was talking to her.  So cute.  But he is still a boy so after that he threw it on the ground and sprayed it relentlessly with a spray bottle.

A few more from our fun day at the park.