Friday, May 31, 2013

House and graduation

Goodbye med school, hello Residency. It's a little sad to see our student years behind us; they have been so fun.  But, I've heard income is nice too. I am also blocking out every person who jokes that I will never see my husband again after he starts residency. Congrats Stephen!

We also moved to our first house.  We decided to buy and only looked for three days for a place to live.  We saw this house for an hour in the middle of winter.  Moving in at the end of spring with everything green and gorgeous has been so fun. It has turned out to be beautiful neighborhood and a great home. 

Moving day tired everyone out.  Stephen and I walked around with weak and useless arms the next day.  Seriously--making toast was a struggle.  But then we recovered and set everything up in a flurry.  Thanks to Marci and Ralph-we couldn't have moved without your help with the kiddos.  
 I asked Davy to take a picture of me and Steve and the house--the grass is nice too. 

The backyard is patrolled and enjoyed by Superman.  The yard has been our favorite part.  It is so nice to just hear the birds chirping with no traffic sounds.  We also like that homeless men no longer pee in our backyard--a major issue at our apartment. 

House tour:

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Epic Road Trip 2013

8 weeks, 4,340 miles, and 50 hours in the car with two kids.  Whew!  We had a blast in Arizona and Colorado visiting family and old friends.  We learned that hotels are absolutely no fun with two children but setting up a tent in the room can help.  Our first hotel night Davy was doing somersaults on his bed until midnight.  At about 3 in the morning I woke up to a huge THWUMP...which turned out to be Davy's limp body hitting the floor. Amazingly, he slept through the four foot drop but was relegated to the floor after that. The kids did great in the car and we arrived most everywhere still happy and sane. Colorado is beautiful!  We stopped there for just a few days to break up our trip and visit with Alex and Catherine.  Madeleine and Davy were instant best buds and they pretty much just played in their "secret hideout" (the spare room) and jumped around together.  We went on a couple of great hikes and ran around Alex's cool development every morning.  We saw elk tracks, coyotes, and tons of canadian geese.  Super fun!

 We stayed in Arizona and bummed by the pool, went for late night bike rides, and basically just partied for five weeks.  It was so fun to visit with mom and dad, and we got to see a lot of Dad's siblings as they came down to see Grandma and Grandpa Bailey.  I am so glad we got to spend some good time with them this trip.  Marci came by and played a lot of stomp rocket with the boys and we had amazing dinners at her house every Saturday and Sunday.  Congrats to Parker too--he became a deacon while we were there.  Danny was certainly ready to party.
Grandma Marci and the boys
 Claire came to visit with her cute boys.  These three formed a posse and ran around together for a couple of days.  I love that the cousins seem to have an instant bond--they can just tell they are meant to be friends.  Davy was so impressed that Jason is four and was ready to do whatever he suggested.
 Davy loves to be a big brother.  Danny just watches him all day long--it makes it so much easier and more fun for me.
 Davy went on his very first camping trip with Grandpa Ralph and Stephen.  They set up camp, ate smores, and at 8:30 Davy decided it was time to go to sleep.  I think sheer excitement about the trip tired him out.  Around 1:00 AM he woke up ready to go fishing.  Stephen spent an hour explaining that they were not about to go night fishing and why don't you lie back down.
 We spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Bailey.  It was so fun to see them and see Grandpa improve while we visited.

 Dad let Davy "help" plant flowers and work in the garden and Mom let him "help" play free cell pretty often.  He was one happy camper.
It was so fun to go to church with Grandpa Ralph.  
 Davy and Madeleine read books together every night.  I caught Madeleine reading books to Davy a couple of times during our visit--what a sweet girl!
 Catherine and Danny.
 Using binoculars and magnifying glasses on our hike.  Thanks Alex for carefully showing them how to create a fire with their magnifying glasses--a skill every three year old should possess.
 Run Danny!
 It is so nice to be home but the whirl-wind continues!  This week Stephen graduates, family visits, and we will move into our first home (Yay!)