Monday, November 26, 2012


The last couple of weeks we have found that when Stephen leaves the state chaos reigns supreme at our house.  He has been busy doing interviews and we have been busy creating and cleaning up little catastrophes.  The week before Thanksgiving we had a car crash, hours on the phone with insurance, a few emotional hurdles (I haven't heard from stephen in 3 hours! He must be in peril!), and I locked my keys/phone/purse in the rental 30 minutes from home. I was very happy to have Stephen return safely and help restore order.  The crazy week did help me realize all that I am lucky to have and to be more thankful in the process of our day to day lives.  

I am so glad to have these two boys:
A husband who cooks a fantastic turkey and who literally springs out of bed to run 3.5 miles every morning and doesn't stop moving all day. He spends all his post work hours playing Lux Luther vs. Superman and helping me chase and clean up after two kiddos. 
 A happy, clean, and peaceful home:
 Matching jammies and the 7:30 bedtime that follows.
(smile Danny!)

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Davy has taken his role as Superman very seriously.  He will not answer to Davy, only Superman.  He uses his laser beam power (squints) and super freezy breath all day long.  He has worn this outfit pretty much everyday of October.  I am no longer mommy, I am Louis Lane and Dad is his are enemy Lux Luthor.  However, he will do anything for me I ask if I tack on "for the good of metropolis" at the end. Example: "Davy go put your socks away...for the good of Metropolis!" Works like a charm.
He has learned to say "For Truth, Justice, and the American way!"
Davy and Weston had a blast hanging out in character.  
 These two chill babies hung out together and posed quite nicely; unlike their older counterparts.   
 Davy and Benjamin really bonded over their matching costumes.  They went trick or treating together and at the ward party I overheard their very earnest conversation about how to catch that evil pirate and if that would "save the day".  
 Danny looked great in his costume too.  I was taking this picture when Davy said, "Oh, I know what would make that cuter!"