Wednesday, January 8, 2014


We had a quiet christmas here at home.  We had our Christmas Eve on Christmas day so Stephen could have the whole day off with the boys.  With the boy's help we made a big breakfast of biscuits, eggs, and bacon.  We had dinner with good friends and a relaxing day together.  My favorite part of Christmas Eve was Davy grabbing a dishtowel and drying dishes while I washed.  He told me "I wanted to do this as your Christmas present." He stuck it out for six or seven dishes. We talked a lot about doing service for christmas in preschool so it was fun to hear him do something weeks later spontaneously.
Danny carries this bear with him everywhere.  He loves it to bits and gives him lots of hugs. It is super cute.
The Botanical Gardens has a train show every year and the boys love to go.  They have eight or nine train sets set up with beautiful plants and trees.  We have a friend who works at the gardens who was nice enough to get us in.

 Little Danny decided Christmas Eve was the perfect time to be a restless sleeper.  He woke up six or seven times and around five I woke up stephen to take a turn.  They ended up sleeping on the floor by the Christmas tree which would have been more charming if we weren't all so sleepy.  We took turns opening stocking presents and a few gifts and stopped to have breakfast.  It was great to have a leisurely morning and the kids were really fun.  Davy was excited to give a flashlight to Stephen, penance for the dozens he has broken over the last few years.  He also loved his fireman outfit and slept in it that night.  It is ridiculously charming.
 Danny enjoying his power over the train set.

 The boys both loved this digger with a working drill.  They put it together and it instantly has some catastrophic mechanical problem and it needs to be taken apart again.  
We had a HUGE storm this last week.  It snowed all day Sunday and church was canceled.  It was so fun to stay inside together the whole day.  Stephen watched the kids and I read my book for two whole hours in the middle of the day.  It was amazing.  Monday we canceled preschool and stayed huddled together all day with a high temp of zero.  Tuesday the dishwasher froze.  Wednesday we went crazy.  Davy and I snuck out a few time to play in the snow in six degree weather.

 Danny mostly stayed by the window got cozy and watched the snow plows.