Thursday, February 16, 2012

The dangers of little girls

We are excited to have another little boy in our family.  Davy needs some more male influence in his playtime.  Audrey and her sister direct Davy in a variety of games: cooking, "Little House on the Prairie", and dress up.  Davy is a pretty good sport, but sometimes they disagree as to when Buzz should swoop in and destroy the game.  Look what happens when you sit down to enjoy a movie--ambushed!

 Playing Rapunzel.  They usually fight about who gets to be Rapunzel and who is Flynn Rider.

Holding hands at the magic house. 

Their other favorite activity is arguing in the car.  They follow a few consistent scripts, but my favorite is: D: "look out your window Audrey, I look out mine"
A: "It's my life Davy, it's MY LIFE!
D: "what you talking about?"
repeat two dozen times.