Friday, September 2, 2011

New Camera!

We have had a busy month, but I haven't blogged because of our camera's demise.  It showed a lens error and after researching online I attempted to fix it.  The repair was going okay until a teeny tiny spring sprung away onto the floor.  An hour's fruitless search with magnets sealed the deal on a new camera.  I have been pretending to be sad about our old camera while happily reading reviews on a new one and it came today.

Davy has a new buddy to play with every day.  I nanny Audrey until three and take her sister to and from school.  They have been playing pretty well together with lots of cute hugs and giggles although Davy has learned a new phrase "audee bite me time out",  which he is needing less and less.  Overall he is excited to see her come in the mornings and likes having someone to pal around with.

I just finished a twin sized quilt and pretty happy with it.  Davy asks me to wrap him "like a baby" in it.