Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Davy is crawling like a crazy man.  We were so excited for this milestone hoping that he could entertain himself for more time on the floor.  He can.  He can also: 
  • Open the kitchen cupboards and pull everything out
  • Touch every gross thing in the bathroom--including the toilet brush which he would just love to stick into his mouth (gag). 
  • He can crawl to the drain during bathtime and pull the plug ending his bath anytime he pleases.  
  • Try to climb into the fireplace at least four times a day
  • Search for Stephen's shoes, pull out the insoles and lick them. 
  •  Attempt to pull anything with with an electrical cord while looking over his shoulder to see if I am watching.  (Then he smiles impishly and pulls.)
We have had a great time at the park lately and go their once or twice a day.