Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is supposed to be the calm before the storm that is having a new baby.  But it has felt pretty crazy.  Stephen has been working super long hours, Danny is convinced that during any sort of thunderstorm he can keep me hostage in the basement, and Davy has wild craft ambitions that require reams of paper, tape, glue, glitter, lamination, markers, and/or paint.

Danny's new phrase is "turn eyes off" as in: turn your eyes off and stop watching my naughtiness.  I have also made a list of ridiculous reasons I have been woken up after midnight this last year:

Davy-"I think I am feeling a little bit lonely."
Danny- Cries and gestures until I put a bandaid on his perfectly healthy arm.
Davy-"My armpits are wet!"
Danny- Cries and points to the candy drawer.  Wants nothing else.
Davy- "There is a hand in my closet"
Danny- Cries because he cannot hold his elmo book and three trains comfortably.

This is how much they care about their antics. 

So this also happened.  Stephen did a warrior dash with his residency buddies which involved running a few miles, jumping over flames, and a lot of mud. He came home unscathed, but with his glasses at the bottom of a mud pit.

 Usually best buds
 Viking Zorro
I have also been working on some sewing projects.  I finished a quilt for the new baby and some dresses. I feel like every frivolous fabric purchase I have made has been vindicated.