Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer 2014

Mostly pictures today.  We are so excited to have a baby girl!  Before we left to the ultrasound Davy said, "I know it will be a boy because we have only boy stuff at home."  We were all surprised!

This is the cute picture I posted on Facebook
This was more the reality of the moment. Danny really wanted to be the heart holder.
I racked up some babysitting points with a friend and spent the morning at the mall.  It is so strange to shop on the girl's side.  I picked out a cute outfit to take her home in.  
 The whole summer has been great, we have had amazing weather and have had tons of adventure days.
Botanical Gardens

 Daily Dress ups
 Danny turned two!  He has definitely started to take control of his life.  He teeters between unbelievable cute and unbelievably difficult.  He has a few words now and is picking up new ones all the time.  Today's word was "go" in the command form.  He found a roll of floss and was busy unrolling it. I sat down next to him and he commanded me to leave so I wouldn't put a stop to his fun.  He has also mastered "stuuuuuck!"  "stuuuuuuck!"  which he uses after he gets wedged in the couch or trying to creep under his bed.  He still loves to cozy next to me and read board books, and he loves to sing songs at night together.

 Grant's Farm

 Fourth of July: we went to the parade in the morning, a bbq for dinner, and fireworks at night.  We had a blast, but were all overtired and grouchy the next day.  

 Davy has been obsessed with perler beads and has been making lots of new projects.  So far we have made the master sword, a lightsaber, this fish bowl, and a batarang.  I love that he is able to spend a long time concentrating on each project and it is fun to do together.