Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Step 1 Vacation

We just returned to St. Louis after two mostly glorious months in Arizona and California.  We came back to a clean house and a burglarized car.  It looks like someone crawled under Stephen's car and sawed off 500 dollars in pipes, but it could have been worse.  My car was at a friends house which probably saved it from the same treatment.  

However, our trip was fantastic and Step 1 is finally behind us.  Stephen was really boring so I spent a great week up in California with Claire and her boys.  It was so fun watching Davy and Jason play.  Davy learned about the movie cars and has faithfully pointed out merchandise since our visit.  We went to the beach together and got some great pictures.  

Davy also turned two while we were there.  He had a practice session opening gifts with Grandpa a few days before hand so he knew the drill pretty well.  He said, "Oh, Wow!" to every gift, even before they are clearly identified.  For his present from us I left a trail of buzz-lightyear foot prints through the house leading to a hidden present.  He unwrapped the bottom of the buzz and began yelling "Buzz!  Buzz! Buzz!"  It was fun to see him so excited.  He also got  a fun "Cars" tricycle from his Grandma Olsen that he plays with constantly.  

We had a good time playing with family.  He hero-worshipped his older cousin Parker and followed him  everywhere.  They had a lot of light saber attacks and lots of playing in the pool.  
 He played a lot with Mom and Dad's cute kitties.  He was about fifty percent sweet with them and fifty percent tail-pulling, kitty-squeezing, leg-grabbing terrible.

 We also met with Whitni's little girl Aiden.  They had a great time playing together. I think Davy got her number.

Grandma Olsen and Davy at Railroad Park

 Dad holding Davy and juggling a cat on his foot.
 Mom and I in our matching shirts.
 Another at Railroad park with a pirate smile from Davy.
 Fireworks in the nude.
For our anniversary we stayed two nights at the Westin.  Marci was kind enough to watch Davy and so we had two lovely days by the pool eating chocolates.  Maybe we can make that an annual thing--or monthly.  Thanks for having us to stay in Arizona, we can't wait to come back.