Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oh Hey!

Let's pretend it hasn't been two years since I posted.  Recently we have done lots of fun summery things.  We are all so glad school is over and we can have lazy reading mornings and Zelda playing afternoons.

We just had just had Davy's birthday.  I took the boys and their best buddies to six flags.  We had a really great time.  It is so fun that they are old enough to ride lots of the rides and look forward to going.  

We had a family birthday party for Davy.  I created codes and ciphers that he had to figure out in order to unlock each present.  He did a great job and loved it.  He got awesome laser guns, a spy watch, and binoculars for his birthday so he is preparing for a very shady future.

The boys had a lemonade stand.  They waved enthusiastically at every car that passed and made an absolute killing.  Davy was like, "Mom, at first I was nervous to talk to all those strangers but they were practically throwing money at me so it was not scary at all!"  He wanted to go out and sell everyday but understood that the neighbors might not be so enthusiastic two days in a row.  He is biding his time till next summer.  

 Danny and Baby Glori are getting along better and better.  She is able to play along with his games and loves to be one of the big kids.  Everyone is in a really good stage, which will probably not last very long, but it is nice to enjoy for the moment.

Stephen's fellowship year is finally over.  He worked 12-15 hours days for almost the whole year.  We are so glad it is over.  Next year the schedule should be a lot better, and the big excitement is the job search.  We have no idea where we will be next year, but hopefully we will figure it all out by christmas!  

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


After six months of crisis mode, we have spent that last three really enjoying our life.  Stephen's schedule has been lighter so we see him more often.  He comes home in time to read with the boys or tell them a space story each night. The boys are playing really well with each other and Glori girl is so cute during the day, I don't even mind getting up way too many times with her.  She is crawling and cruising and working on walking.  Church is crazy because she will not sit on my lap but just wants to crawl around making new friends.  

The boys have been saying such funny things lately, my favorites are:

Danny:  Woah, there is a lot of lunch in my body.

Davy: We are time travelers, we are just moving forward in time.

Danny:  He loves to pretend to be different things and I am instructed to play along.  We have been frogs, termites, kitties, doctors, and most recently logs.  You play logs by laying on the ground and rolling on the carpet.  At some point he always says, "The log loves you!"  or  "The termite loves you!" 

Davy:  Our car was having trouble and he said, "Too bad there's not a man around here...I guess I am a man, but I'm just a little one."

Davy:  I get it!  We believe in God and Buddhists believe in dragons! 

It has been so fun to dress little Glori.  I take a lot of pictures of her to showcase her various outfits.

We went on a fun hike next to the Mississippi river a few weekends ago.  We hiked up to an old Indian cave that was used in the 1800s as a wine cellar. The air was thirty degrees cooler right by the entrance and it extended back for a couple of miles, but it is gated so we didn't get to reenact any Tom Sawyer scenes.  After our hike we stopped to have a picnic by the banks of the river. As we walked down the path to the river we saw a couple of boys walking up without shoes on, it was kind of rocky so I was surprised, however I soon found out why.  I let davy explore a dry river inlet while Stephen and baby went to get the lunch and danny and me spread the blanket.  Pretty soon I heard him shout "Help!"  I looked over and he was sunk up to his knees in the mud about five feet away from the bank.  I ran over to help but quickly got bogged down.  I reached out and lifted him over my head to put him back on the bank and sank even further.  I couldn't move an inch but finally wiggled out of my shoes and leaned back to unsuction my legs from the mud.  I inchwormed my way back to the bank.  Davy said, "That sure was scary quick-mud!"  Stephen came back with lunch five minutes later to find me and Davy barefoot and coated in mud with a story to tell.

We have also have really enjoyed the back yard.  Stephen and I made a small fire pit for the back yard thinking it would be so fun to use in the fall.  Now the mosquitos have finally died we are enjoying it more.  We have a fire every week and of course make smores and eat tons of "marshpillows".
I have also put in about 30 hours cleaning up our front yard.  I planted some new plants and fixed the edging.  It looks a lot better, especially because we had such a small budget for the project.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Super many babies.

Super Many Babies

Love this photo because it shows big brother Danny when...

This was baby Danny and Big brother Davy

So much cuteness.  It is really fun that Davy really gets it now.  He is great at sticking her pacifier back in her mouth on car rides and occasionally instructs me to "feed that baby mom!"

Warm and happy!
 Pyramid of Olsens
 Danny was feeling sick but too stubborn to lie down in his bed.  I got him to sit down in the baby swing and he was out in a flash.
 Voluntarily holding the baby!  Also day two of Harry Potter playing with Davy.
 We have a picture of each baby falling in love with the singing sun hanging above this mat.  Best baby purchase ever.  Thanks craigslist.
 To me she looks (and acts) a lot like baby Davy. 

 These last two are pictures of Davy and Danny at the same age.  Proof that I am living in the twilight zone and basically get the same baby back every two to three years.



Thursday, October 16, 2014


This is supposed to be the calm before the storm that is having a new baby.  But it has felt pretty crazy.  Stephen has been working super long hours, Danny is convinced that during any sort of thunderstorm he can keep me hostage in the basement, and Davy has wild craft ambitions that require reams of paper, tape, glue, glitter, lamination, markers, and/or paint.

Danny's new phrase is "turn eyes off" as in: turn your eyes off and stop watching my naughtiness.  I have also made a list of ridiculous reasons I have been woken up after midnight this last year:

Davy-"I think I am feeling a little bit lonely."
Danny- Cries and gestures until I put a bandaid on his perfectly healthy arm.
Davy-"My armpits are wet!"
Danny- Cries and points to the candy drawer.  Wants nothing else.
Davy- "There is a hand in my closet"
Danny- Cries because he cannot hold his elmo book and three trains comfortably.

This is how much they care about their antics. 

So this also happened.  Stephen did a warrior dash with his residency buddies which involved running a few miles, jumping over flames, and a lot of mud. He came home unscathed, but with his glasses at the bottom of a mud pit.

 Usually best buds
 Viking Zorro
I have also been working on some sewing projects.  I finished a quilt for the new baby and some dresses. I feel like every frivolous fabric purchase I have made has been vindicated.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Summer 2014

Mostly pictures today.  We are so excited to have a baby girl!  Before we left to the ultrasound Davy said, "I know it will be a boy because we have only boy stuff at home."  We were all surprised!

This is the cute picture I posted on Facebook
This was more the reality of the moment. Danny really wanted to be the heart holder.
I racked up some babysitting points with a friend and spent the morning at the mall.  It is so strange to shop on the girl's side.  I picked out a cute outfit to take her home in.  
 The whole summer has been great, we have had amazing weather and have had tons of adventure days.
Botanical Gardens

 Daily Dress ups
 Danny turned two!  He has definitely started to take control of his life.  He teeters between unbelievable cute and unbelievably difficult.  He has a few words now and is picking up new ones all the time.  Today's word was "go" in the command form.  He found a roll of floss and was busy unrolling it. I sat down next to him and he commanded me to leave so I wouldn't put a stop to his fun.  He has also mastered "stuuuuuck!"  "stuuuuuuck!"  which he uses after he gets wedged in the couch or trying to creep under his bed.  He still loves to cozy next to me and read board books, and he loves to sing songs at night together.

 Grant's Farm

 Fourth of July: we went to the parade in the morning, a bbq for dinner, and fireworks at night.  We had a blast, but were all overtired and grouchy the next day.  

 Davy has been obsessed with perler beads and has been making lots of new projects.  So far we have made the master sword, a lightsaber, this fish bowl, and a batarang.  I love that he is able to spend a long time concentrating on each project and it is fun to do together.