Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jam doesn't make a single sound

I have to prepare a talk for Sunday, finish two preschool lessons for next week, make dinner, and fold the laundry, so I felt like it was the perfect time to update the blog.  The boys are changing all the time.  Davy is turning into a big kid and Danny is starting to speak and be tricky. Danny is learning new tricks every day.  He doesn't seem to get too frustrated by life, but instead looks for a way to solve his problem.  Yesterday he spent five minutes pulling a huge chair to the back door so he could take a closer look at the lock hoping for a little freedom.  He carries a step stool all around the house and makes sure all the light switches are still working.  He feels totally free to go to the fridge and take out something to eat.  Usually I hear Davy warning me, "Danny is chewing on a whole block of cheese!" or "He's got the cereal come quick!"  We have had two big bags of cereal upended all over the floor.  I usually find Danny trying to swim in it with a huge grin.  I also have stopped prompting him to say Uh-Oh because he doesn't like to say it out of context.  Asking him to say it is extending an invitation to destroy.  My least favorite Uh-Oh of his recently was throwing a glass cup in our bathroom sink that cracked the porcelain.  Uh-Oh.

Davy has become obsessed with Star Wars and we have long discussions about Sith Lords and lightsabers.  We were getting ready to go to the Mall the other day and Davy jokes, "how about we go to the "Darth Maul!" and then he cracks up. Sometimes I am directed to play Princess Lea while he repeatedly saves me from Darth Vader.  I put my hair in side buns the first time we played and now am asked to do that every single time.  Danny landed the role of R2-D2.  My other favorite lines from Davy are:

Admiring a new jar of jam together-
D: Jam doesn't make a single sound.
Me: What do you mean?
D: Well do you hear anything?

D: I think Danny likes to destroy best.

D: Why did the cloud go to the doctor's office?
Me: Why?
D:  Because he felt cloudy!  

D: I wish we could live at Costco.
Me:  Me too.

D:  I love you Danny but, STOP PULLING MY HAIR!!!

 Davy and preschool buddies make a snowman
 Forced servitude
 Danny's pacifier habits are getting WAY out of control.