Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Almost two months

Davy has been a great big brother.  He loves to say "Mr. Fingers!" and tickle Danny all over.  Danny's response has been "blank stare" but in a couple of months that will change. It has been a whirlwind two months and has gone by so fast.  It was great to have Stephen home by noon most days. He just started a pathology rotation that has longer hours, but he is still home in time for dinner and bedtime.  We must have earned some good karma with Davy because so far Danny has been great.
Stephen blessed Danny a couple of weeks ago and we took a picture before church.  Yes, Davy is wearing a construction worker's hat for our first family-of-four picture.  No, he did not actually wear it to church.  He likes to play "What impractical item shall I request to take to church". This weeks requests:  A pizza pan, his buzz lightyear outfit, and a backhoe.