Monday, March 9, 2015

Super many babies.

Super Many Babies

Love this photo because it shows big brother Danny when...

This was baby Danny and Big brother Davy

So much cuteness.  It is really fun that Davy really gets it now.  He is great at sticking her pacifier back in her mouth on car rides and occasionally instructs me to "feed that baby mom!"

Warm and happy!
 Pyramid of Olsens
 Danny was feeling sick but too stubborn to lie down in his bed.  I got him to sit down in the baby swing and he was out in a flash.
 Voluntarily holding the baby!  Also day two of Harry Potter playing with Davy.
 We have a picture of each baby falling in love with the singing sun hanging above this mat.  Best baby purchase ever.  Thanks craigslist.
 To me she looks (and acts) a lot like baby Davy. 

 These last two are pictures of Davy and Danny at the same age.  Proof that I am living in the twilight zone and basically get the same baby back every two to three years.




Alex said...

Great pictures! We are excited to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my--your pics and comments are the best ever! You are correct--the babies look alike! What an incredible family--a beautiful, healthy, loving family. There can't be anything better! Love you all!